megAfter months & months of endlessly scrolling through blogs and being engrossed in the world of YouTube vlogs I have plucked up the courage to create a blog of my own.

My name is Megan & I’m a 19 year old Geography student living between the big apple that is Cardiff and a teeny seaside town in West Wales with my huge, wonderful family.

I’ve decided to start blogging because now I’m not doing anything writing/English based, I need to vent my creativity somehow. This combined with my love of all things beauty, style and food related led me to blogging. (note: when I say ‘style’ you should know that I have very little style myself. I just stick with what I love and I know suits me, therefore I am most definitely not ‘stylish’).

I will also be dipping into a few lifestyle posts here & there. I’ve been writing up a list of potential blog posts for a while now so I have loadsa’ material stocked up for your eyes only. Keep your peepers peeled for some beauty bloggin’, food lovin’ and a whole load more of my daily/weekly antics.

Lots of love.

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