My Winter Pamper Routine

At the minute, I really need a “it’s cold & I need cheering up” pamper sesh.

After a long week, I tend to have a long bath on a Saturday morning, wash my hair, re-do my nails, get rid of ALL the unwanted body hair from top to toe and give myself an all over cleanse, scrub & moisturise to within an inch of my life.

I start by taking off my grubby, chipped nail varnish on my hands and feet, brush out any knots in my hair and jump in the bath & watch the morning cooking shows for around an hour. In the bath, I exfoliate my whole body and shave shave shave (not that any skin is on show now that it’s so cold but it makes me feel half decent).

Once I’m out of the bath, I wash my hair over the bath once all the water has drained away. I double wash it then leave the conditioner on whilst I sort my face. I tie my hair in a bun and use the Clinique Take the Day Off cleanser (new found love, utterly obsessed, post to come). I quickly wipe a cotton pad soaked with Pixi Glow Tonic over my face then I rinse the conditioner out of my hair before moisturising my face with the No.7 Protect and Perfect day cream. This is really hydrating, which I need during the colder months but it doesn’t leave my skin with an oily sheen on it, perfect! 

The next step is to slather on as much body moisturiser as I can from head to toe. I use Soap and Glory’s Righteous Butter all over, it smells glorious! I then roughly dry my hair with a hair dryer, tie it back up before starting on my nails.

I usually don’t use a specific hand cream and just moisturise my hands with the body moisturiser I have left on them. I then file my nails just to tidy up the edges & pick a nail colour. I don’t think dark nail varnish colours suit me so even though it’s Autumn, I’m still going to use this dusky pale pink shade from Avon.

Once my nails have dried, I let my hair air dry and put on some lip balm, and that’s it, job done!

Eliza Days xo