How to Get Your Motivation Back

Recently I’ve been in a bit of a slump and everything has seemed like a mammoth task. I’m putting it down to post graduation blues & the fact that I’ve started drinking coffee regularly (not good Meg, not good).

Because of this,  I’ve been putting a lot of motivational tips and tricks into practise to give me a helping hand. I wanted to write a condensed list of everything that has worked for me over the past month or so so here ya go, I hope it helps some of you too!


  1. Change your location – I don’t mean drastically up-rooting and heading on the first flight to Amsterdam (we can dream) but whether you’re at home writing an essay, sitting in the same spot to have lunch everyday, or struggling for blog post motivation, I found that just having a change of location really helps. It could be moving from the sofa to the dining table, or your desk to the garden or if you usually work in the house, get out and sit in a quiet corner of your fave cafe. Have lunch in the park, eat diner at the table instead of the sofa-lap combo – believe me, it really gives you a boost.
  2. Buy a new top – nothing gives me a boost quite like a new top (or jacket, or shoes). It adds a whole new lease of live to my daily enthusiasm and makes me feel like I can do anything, making me 10 x more productive – WIN!
  3. Have a bath – shave your legs, wash your hair, exfoliate, slather yourself in body lotion and you will feel like a whole new person ready to take on anything.
  4. Lists, lists lists – write a list of lists you need to write, write a to-do list, a shopping list, a list of things that makes you happy, a list of people to send a little card to – whenever I feel a bit down and lacking in motivation writing a good list in a cute notepad with a nice inky pen works wonders (*even if I don’t do half the things on it ehe).



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