Ready for a Rant: Stop Apologising for Not Wearing Make Up

Recently, as I’ve scrolled through Instagram, watched Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, scrolled through my Facebook & Twitter feeds there seems to be hundreds of women apologising for having no make up on, or for “looking crap” or god forbid, for having just woken up, women saying “excuse my face” or “sorry about the state of my hair” as if it’s the most offensive thing in the world. Youtubers so frequently begin their videos with “sorry, I’m not wearing make up” as if we, as viewers, are disgusted about it, when in all honesty, WHO CARES?  

It’s sad that women feel the need to apologise for not looking perfect before going on to saying something genuinely interesting. It’s unfair that women are continuously reduced down to the way that they look to the extent that we are apologising for not wearing make up, or for having eye bags or for having a hair out of place. 

We all have a face. A face that sometimes has spots, wrinkles, bags, freckles, moles, dry & cracked lips. We all have hair that doesn’t always look like we’ve just came out of the hairdressers & often resembles a pineapple. SO WHAT? 

Can we just embrace this and stop bloody apologising for being human. It’s starting to piss me off.

Eliza Days 

Urban Decay Naked UltiMatte Basics: all matte, all naked

Happy New Year!

I thought I’d start the new blogging year with a rave about my new favourite palette.

13 year old me would have been ashamed to wear any eyeshadow that wasn’t the most pigmented, glittery, shimmery blue thing she could find.

We’ve all been there, and back in the day we weren’t lucky enough to have youtube and tutorials to tell us that wearing sparkly blue pigment all over your eyes and under neath was a B A D idea!

Strangely, I’ve come full circle at the ripe old age of 21 and now I so rarely wear any shimmery eye shadows. So to hear that Urban Decay of all brands were being out an ALL MATTE palette, well, I was over joyed let me tell you.


Firstly, the packaging is so lovely and also really sturdy so it’s great for travelling. And the mirror inside is gigantic, so handy. It comes with a really good brush, one end that’s great for blending and the other end is quite short, dense and stubby so it is really God for applying colour underneath your eye.

The range of colours are beautiful. They’re all fairly warm toned, with a few browny/taupe colours for blending, some lilacy/purple grey colours and the standard black and dark grey but my fave by far is ‘extra bitter’ which is the rusty, red orange colour. I’m obsessed and I’ll probably hit pan before the month is out.

If you’re in the market for an all round, great Basics palette with creamy formulas and amazing staying power then I wouldn’t think twice about making a cheeky order. Treat yo’self (I’m such an enabler…)

Eliza Days xo