Sunny Daze – Looking Forward to Summer

Summer is 100% my favourite season by far. My mood is completely dependant on the weather so when it’s sunny, my mood is sunny. There is nothing better than waking up to the sun glaring through the window and knowing that any spare time that day can be spent outside.

I’m a complete sun worshiper (of course, covered in SPF) & I love everything to do with summer. But, here are the top 5 things I am most looking forward to about the great British summer:

  1. Freedom: As a university student, summer means freedom from lectures & deadlines. I can’t wait to not have to constantly be thinking about an assignment and have total free time to read what I want, spend time with friends & family and focus on my blog.
  2. Sunbathing: I know it isn’t particularly sunny in the UK, and of course we do still get rain but I am so excited for those days where temperatures climb and the sun peeks from behind the clouds. I’m excited to sit in the garden with a cold lemonade and listen to George Ezra on repeat for hours – heaven!
  3. Summer clothes: I’m really not very good at winter fashion. I get quite warm so big, knitted jumpers and layers don’t really agree with me. In general, I just find dressing in winter really difficult so, I cannot wait to bring out dresses and skirts and live in flip-flops again.
  4. BBQ’s: myself & my friends have had a few already but I can’t wait to spontaneously decide to light the BBQ & cook some salmon or burgers for dinner. I love the smell of my clothes and hair after sitting around a BBQ drinking Pimms and stuffing my face.
  5. Family: obviously I live away from home (well, I guess Cardiff is my home now, sort of) but away from my family anyway, so summer means having loads of free time to go home and visit them & also, my younger brother and nephews aren’t in school so they can come and visit me too. I can’t wait to go home & sit on the harbour wall, drink Pimms and watch the sunset – that’s what summer is all about.



Eliza Days xo

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