Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick – My Thoughts

I’ve been through many lip phases in the past 2 years. Initially I was all about bright red, matte lipsticks, with my favourite being the Chanel Rouge Allure in the shade Coromandel (98). I then moved towards a lower maintenance look, using the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, mainly in shade 5. More recently, with the rising popularity of liquid lipsticks, I’ve become more inclined to branch out of my comfort zone and give them a try.




The first one I have tried is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. I got it in the shade Don’t Pink Out (10). The colour is a gorgeous plum toned dark pink and is a very warm colour. It’s very opaque but not in a gloopy, sticky way.

I absolutely adore the formula of this product. It goes on so smoothly, even covering chapped lips and it’s so comfortable to wear. Also, it is SO SOFT. The applicator is pretty standard but even so, it still manages to give you a lil’ precision when you’re trying to draw in a cupid’s bow.

It has some serious longevity, I even ate a burger and there was still some product on my lips – an achievement? Definitely. It’s also really easy to reapply, so there’s no faff in having to remove it all to start again, you can just top it up throughout the day and it builds comfortably. The packaging is really teeny so it’s perfect to throw in your handbag (or in my case, my coat pocket, I’m not enough of an ‘adult’ to carry a bag around yet, ha!)

Overall, I am loving this liquid lipstick & I’m going to have to pop out and invest in a few more shades, this one will be making very regular appearances on my face.

Eliza Days xo

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