Uni Daze 2 – Your Room

When I first walked in to my uni room for the first time, I was so disheartened. But I’m pretty sure every single student is. It’s difficult to be upbeat and enthusiastic about a bleak, beige box that smells slightly damp and musty. However, after being in there for only an hour, it started to feel cozy and slightly more like home.

As we are pretty limited to what we can do with our uni room, I’ve got a few little ideas that I put into practise with this years uni room, to share with you.


1 – the first thing I did before even beginning to unpack was make my bed up. There is nothing worse than a grim-looking bare mattress so the quicker you can get your bed made and throw on some pretty cushions, the sooner your room will pull together!

2 – pictures, pictures, pictures! you cannot have enough. I brought some really pretty but cost-effective wrapping paper and blue tacked it to the wall then covered it with pictures of family, friends, your dog, your holiday etc. Not only does it brighten up your room, but they are also a great conversation starter with new flat mates.

3 – in most rooms, you will only have a blind (which is perfect for naps) however, it can make the room feel kinda cold and sparse. I picked up some sheer, net curtains from IKEA for a fiver, draped them over the curtain hook that was above my window and tied a knot in them at the bottom (because they were super long). This adds texture and warmth to your room, making it much more cozy.

4 – don’t forget a lamp. I’ve got some fairy lights and 2 lamps in my room right now because I really don’t like the harsh big light.

5 – there will probably be a limited amount of space so over the door hooks are so useful. Last year I hung one over the bathroom door for my towels and this year I have one over my wardrobe door for coats and jackets.


I loved spending my first night at uni unpacking and sorting my room whilst socialising with my new flat mates but it will take weeks for everything to find a place. I’ve been in my new house for a week and I’m still moving bits and bobs around!


I hope you found these ideas helpful,

lots of love

Eliza Days xo

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