Nails Inc ‘Marylebone Mews’

Happy Friday!

Each month I will be trying out and reviewing a different nail varnish. Having a job in a restaurant means that my nails aren’t always in the best of condition so doing a post like this on a weekly basis wouldn’t be achievable. However, once a month I give myself a manicure session and give my nails a fresh lick of paint. So from now, I will be updating you with a post similar to this so keep an eye out.

This month I’m checking out Nails Inc ‘Marylebone Mews’ which I got free with an issue of Glamour months & months ago but am yet to use.


It is a gorgeous neutral grey/taupe shade with lilac undertones which are so so pretty. It makes the colour slightly warmer and less metallic which I love. It took 3 coats to get it how I wanted; thick & glossy. The first coat was really shear and didn’t have much colour to it so you’d need at least 2 coats. It gives a really glossy finish without a top coat and it is really complementary to my skin tone. The brush applicator is also quite small so is goof for precision.


So far it is a really great nail varnish & is lasting well. What nail varnishes have you been loving lately?

Have a great weekend.

Eliza Days xxx




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