September Beauty Haul

As some of you may know, it is student loan week (praise the lord!) and of course, with a healthy looking bank balance comes some healthy looking hauls.

My make up collection needed a bit of a boost so I headed to Boots in the city centre to see what I could find.

I’m having a love affair with make-up brushes at the minute and these are the latest ones to be added to my collection:


  • Ecotools Stippling Brush
  • Ecotools Complexion Collection – Correcting concealer Brush

I needed a new liquid eye liner because my Rimmel London Scandalise Jumbo Eyeliner had dried up. I am yet to find an eyeliner that I love BUT I think this might be the one:

  • Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen


I also picked up the Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer & a Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm:


Obviously it’s freshers fortnight so I needed a new primer to make sure my make up stays put even when I’m in Retro’s at 3am with 1 million other people and it’s 95 degrees in the shade, so I chose this Rimmel Stay Matte one as I have the matching foundation:


& lastly I nipped into New Look and got this Nail Varnish in Khaki. I love love love New Look nail varnishes, they are probably my favourite at the minute. The formula is perfect and the brush applicator doesn’t leave streaks. It is very long-lasting too!



Have you guys been splurging your student loans on things other than books? (please say yes, it will make me feel a whole load better)

lots of love

Eliza Days xo

Uni Daze 2 – Your Room

When I first walked in to my uni room for the first time, I was so disheartened. But I’m pretty sure every single student is. It’s difficult to be upbeat and enthusiastic about a bleak, beige box that smells slightly damp and musty. However, after being in there for only an hour, it started to feel cozy and slightly more like home.

As we are pretty limited to what we can do with our uni room, I’ve got a few little ideas that I put into practise with this years uni room, to share with you.


1 – the first thing I did before even beginning to unpack was make my bed up. There is nothing worse than a grim-looking bare mattress so the quicker you can get your bed made and throw on some pretty cushions, the sooner your room will pull together!

2 – pictures, pictures, pictures! you cannot have enough. I brought some really pretty but cost-effective wrapping paper and blue tacked it to the wall then covered it with pictures of family, friends, your dog, your holiday etc. Not only does it brighten up your room, but they are also a great conversation starter with new flat mates.

3 – in most rooms, you will only have a blind (which is perfect for naps) however, it can make the room feel kinda cold and sparse. I picked up some sheer, net curtains from IKEA for a fiver, draped them over the curtain hook that was above my window and tied a knot in them at the bottom (because they were super long). This adds texture and warmth to your room, making it much more cozy.

4 – don’t forget a lamp. I’ve got some fairy lights and 2 lamps in my room right now because I really don’t like the harsh big light.

5 – there will probably be a limited amount of space so over the door hooks are so useful. Last year I hung one over the bathroom door for my towels and this year I have one over my wardrobe door for coats and jackets.


I loved spending my first night at uni unpacking and sorting my room whilst socialising with my new flat mates but it will take weeks for everything to find a place. I’ve been in my new house for a week and I’m still moving bits and bobs around!


I hope you found these ideas helpful,

lots of love

Eliza Days xo

Freshers Daze

I’m about to start my 2nd year of uni studying Geography & I’m finding it hard to comprehend that it was a whole year ago that I was a fresh faced fresher with all of my dignity in tact. For those of you embarking on your new life as a student, here’s a few pieces of unofficial advise that got me through my first year.

Being a student allows you to see-saw between being a fully fledged adult who pays bills and learns to use a washing machine, and a 6 year old who acts like an unsupervised child at a kids party. It’s an odd in-between which has the potential to send you completely barmy unless you embrace it.


Embrace missing lectures and spending the entire day eating party rings and watching Disney films but know that when deadlines come, you gotta get yo’ ass in gear. Embrace those hangovers and eating Domino’s at 4am, the unplanned nights out (which in my experience as a fresher, are most definitely the best) and embrace the fact that you’re new besties are only across the hallway (because believe me, come summer when you all go home, the things you will miss most about uni is seeing them every day).

A few other words of wisdom:

  • Take a door stop with you. You aren’t going to make friends with your door closed.
  • Jaegermeister is not your friend. It just makes you think that until you’re wide awake at 6am ready to run a marathon. Slow down on that stuff.
  • Take a bottle opener. There’s nothing worse than getting all the beers in and realising nobody has a bottle opener so what follows is an awkward, often painful/dangerous half hour of trying to open the bottles using other utensils, table tops and god forbid..actual teeth. Urgh.
  • Once your parents have helped you carry everything up the million flights of stairs (in my case) and made a half arsed attempt at small talk with your new flat mates/their parents, it is time for them to leave (maybe after a cuppa and a bite to eat) but don’t have them staying over ‘just in case’. It’s going to be hard and inevitably there will be lots of tears but they have to leave sometime so provide the loo roll and have a flat mate on stand by for a hug.
  • 1 last thing – don’t put the milk in first when making a cup of tea, it will not go down well with new flat mates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  My first year of uni was incredible and I am SO excited to start 2nd year! Embrace everything that comes your way!


Lots of love & good luck to anyone starting uni this month,

Eliza Days xxx

Nails Inc ‘Marylebone Mews’

Happy Friday!

Each month I will be trying out and reviewing a different nail varnish. Having a job in a restaurant means that my nails aren’t always in the best of condition so doing a post like this on a weekly basis wouldn’t be achievable. However, once a month I give myself a manicure session and give my nails a fresh lick of paint. So from now, I will be updating you with a post similar to this so keep an eye out.

This month I’m checking out Nails Inc ‘Marylebone Mews’ which I got free with an issue of Glamour months & months ago but am yet to use.


It is a gorgeous neutral grey/taupe shade with lilac undertones which are so so pretty. It makes the colour slightly warmer and less metallic which I love. It took 3 coats to get it how I wanted; thick & glossy. The first coat was really shear and didn’t have much colour to it so you’d need at least 2 coats. It gives a really glossy finish without a top coat and it is really complementary to my skin tone. The brush applicator is also quite small so is goof for precision.


So far it is a really great nail varnish & is lasting well. What nail varnishes have you been loving lately?

Have a great weekend.

Eliza Days xxx




Must Have Make Up Items

We all have a number of make up products that we re-purchase over and over and just can’t seem to find anything better! Here are my ‘must haves’ when it comes to make up:

Benefit Dandelion Brightening Face Powder


Benefit ‘they’re real!’ Mascara in Black


Real Techniques Blush Brush 1407 & Real Techniques Expert Face Brush 


Benefit ‘Call My Buff’ and ‘Kiss Me I’m Tipsy’ from the Goodies A Go-Go’ set


No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in ‘Mulberry’ – a perfect every day ‘my-lips-but-better’ shade.


I will probably grow old using these products. They are the holly grail of my make-up bag. I can’t go without mentioning the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer though. It is my favourite concealer but didn’t quite make the ‘must have’ list however, it is most definitely worthy of a mention.

What are your must have make-up items?

Lots of love,

Eliza Days xo