Countryside Days

Alrite my lover,

I’ve just got back from spending a few days visiting one of my best friends in the Somerset countryside. It was great to have a little break from the city and and a catch up with my long lost bud! I forgot how peaceful and quiet the countryside is. We managed to pack loads into the 3 days I was there, despite the classic British weather. We visited Wells, which is her closest city (& also the smallest city in England, I learnt) and where Hot Fuzz was filmed. We checked out the high street and saw the cathedral, which is beautiful. It’s such a quaint city and I loved it.


Also in Wells is the oldest street in Europe which is still occupied today. It was SO cute and dainty, from the cobbled ground to the double hight chimneys.


We also went to Worthy Farm and I got to see Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid Stage, which stays up year round. It is literally so hard to comprehend that only 3 weeks has past since Kanye was standing in that field and 250,000 people had descended on that farm. It just looks like any other part of the countryside…so crazy! & after this we went to Glastonbury town itself. I left with a headache from all the incense. The high street stinks of it and every single shop has it burning in the doorway. But, despite this it is a super quirky place with loads of interesting shops and I had a dreamy mushroom and pesto panini – a day well spent!


After spending an evening d’aan the pub with a bottle of wine and some awesome company I had to sadly return home and get back to normal. I had such a wonderful time and my friend & her family were the best hosts!

I can’t wait to go back!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend, even if it has been a rainy one.

loads’a love

Eliza Days xo

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