Countryside Days

Alrite my lover,

I’ve just got back from spending a few days visiting one of my best friends in the Somerset countryside. It was great to have a little break from the city and and a catch up with my long lost bud! I forgot how peaceful and quiet the countryside is. We managed to pack loads into the 3 days I was there, despite the classic British weather. We visited Wells, which is her closest city (& also the smallest city in England, I learnt) and where Hot Fuzz was filmed. We checked out the high street and saw the cathedral, which is beautiful. It’s such a quaint city and I loved it.


Also in Wells is the oldest street in Europe which is still occupied today. It was SO cute and dainty, from the cobbled ground to the double hight chimneys.


We also went to Worthy Farm and I got to see Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid Stage, which stays up year round. It is literally so hard to comprehend that only 3 weeks has past since Kanye was standing in that field and 250,000 people had descended on that farm. It just looks like any other part of the countryside…so crazy! & after this we went to Glastonbury town itself. I left with a headache from all the incense. The high street stinks of it and every single shop has it burning in the doorway. But, despite this it is a super quirky place with loads of interesting shops and I had a dreamy mushroom and pesto panini – a day well spent!


After spending an evening d’aan the pub with a bottle of wine and some awesome company I had to sadly return home and get back to normal. I had such a wonderful time and my friend & her family were the best hosts!

I can’t wait to go back!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend, even if it has been a rainy one.

loads’a love

Eliza Days xo


Having not uploaded many blog posts for a few weeks you’re in for a treat today. This is my second of the day & I shall be uploading another later this evening (mainly as I feel guilty for not being active for a while).

I’m dedicating this post to the untameable mess on top of my head. For as long as I can remember I have been in a battle of wills with my hair. It’s naturally curly but not the gorgeous, ringlet type curls, nope, mine resembles a mop. It’s also frizzy, knotty and just a pure mess at the minute.

I had one hair disaster a few years back. I was dumped my my first boyfriend and it was ‘the end of my life’ (man, I really was an overdramatic teen). So, as a hormonal 14 year old, my only option, of course, was to cut all of my hair off as a huge middle finger up to that person. Not quite Britney style but similar (I went to the hairdressers) and I decided to cut my super long hair into a ‘Frankie from The Saturdays’ pixie crop. (Side note, I had a chubby face and definitely did not have the look to pull this off). I looked like a 9 year old boy for a very long time and with some help from my trusty old hats & headbands, somehow managed to brave school every day. Eventually it grew to a decent length, however, I then had to rock the lopsided look for a while.

This is the reason why, up until 2 months ago, I hadn’t had a hair cut for 4 years! Even the smell of a hair salon gave me shivers. But I braved it & went for a hair cut a few months back. I loved it for a day or two & then it just resumed it’s natural unruly course and here i am back at square 1 with no idea what to do with it.


So, if any of you have any tips&tricks for crazy hair or struggle with the same hair’mare as me, let me know! It’ll be great to know that I’m not the only one fed up with the mess on top of my head.

Over & out,

Eliza Days xo

My First Ever Haul

I’ve been mooching around the charity shops quite a bit over the last week or so & I’ve bought quite a bit. I also went a little mad in Boots so seeing as I have a little build up of new things I thought now would be a good time to do my first ever ‘haul’ blog post! Yippee! 11751136_976173902446068_15580507_nA friend of mine has this gorgeous Topshop dress and I’ve wanted it for ages but at the time I couldn’t afford it & by the time I could, I couldn’t find it anywhere (just my luck). So imagine my delight when I found it in a charity shop for £5.99!!! Bargain of the day. 11753749_976182782445180_883845608_n

I also picked up this Topshop crop top because it’s so casual you can throw it on with anything and it was like £2. Total bargain!11749489_976173759112749_1097630478_n

I spotted this retro looking clock in the window and impulsively brought it straight away. I’m loving the 70’s decor look at the minute and we have a few retro looking pieces of furniture in the house already so I thought this would be a great addition. I’m literally doing the whole house up based on this one clock.


Aha, the cosiest jumper in the universe! It’s originally from H&M and a size XL (which is why I love it all the more, it comes down to my knees) and I haven’t stopped wearing it.


I also found a few old school Soap&Glory bits for £2.99 each. I haven’t tried them yet but I’ll let you all know how I get on with them in a future blog post.

On to some drugstore pickings: (lots of stuff from the Collection stand)

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze palette

Collection Eyebrow Kit for Brunette –

Collection Powder Blush in Bashful – a peachy/pink colour and super pigmented.

Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder – 2 Radiant

Natural Collections Mascara.

Natural Collection Lip Lines in the shade Almond: this is one of those lip liners that just seems to go with every lip shade. Versatile!


Natural Collection’s Moisture Shine lipsticks in Cranberry & Sweet Pea.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my first haul, maybe someday I’ll be doing this in a video!

Have a wonderful week!

Eliza Days xo

5 Favourite Wardrobe Pieces

So, I thought I’d give you guys a little insight into my ever expanding wardrobe (thanks to my new love of eBay & charity shops) and show you my 5 favourite items of clothing. Enjoy!

1 – I am in love with this green Hollister coat. It’s just perfect for this time of year and it’s so swooshy (a word?). Even better, I picked it up in the sale for only £28.99! Bargain! I love the colour, it seems to be everywhere at the minute and it’s very lightweight and has really deep pockets! My favourite purchase of the summer so far.


2 – Black Skinny Jeans are just a wardrobe staple & I wear them pretty much every single day. I love my Topshop MOJO High Wasted Skinny Jeans! (although I’ve worn them so much there’s now a tear on the inner thigh #bigthighprobs). I wear them with everything so I should probably invest in another pair soon unless I can carry the ripped inner thigh look off and call it ‘style’. Thoughts?


3 – Well, I really have worn this dress to death. I love it so much. It is so light and floaty and has such a lush boho feel about it. You can also dress it up with wedges and jewellery or you can just wear it with flip flops to the beach. I think I got it in the New Look sale for like £10 last year and haven’t stopped wearing it since. I even throw it on in the winter with leggings and boots and a big cozy jumper. This had to be in my top fave wardrobe items.


4 – This blue daisy dress is the BEST.DRESS.EVER. I nabbed this gorgeous dress from Tom’s mum’s ‘car boot sale cupboard’. She keeps loads of good quality clothes to sell and often let’s me have a rummage (so lucky). I chose this one a few years back and my god have I got some wear out of it. Literally any excuse to wear it! It has a silk slip underneath with a sheer navy top and is covered in daisies (my favourite flower).


5 – Checkered Zara Shirt – I picked this shirt up from the mens section of Oxfam not long ago and it hasn’t been off me. It’s so cosy and oversized and it’s also flannel material so is really soft. I just chuck it on with the famous black skinny jeans and I’m good to go. Thinking about it, I should probably wash it..TMI? I think so. Gross.


This list changes constantly as I have a love/hate relationship with most of my clothes depending on how I’m feeling, but when I sat and thought about it, these 5 things stood out to me as definitive items.

Hope you’re all having a great week & you enjoyed this post. 

Eliza Days xo